The session provides profound healing, transformation, and evolution at the Supramental and quantum-holographic, spiritual levels of consciousness. Healing modalities include Supramental quantum healing, Daoist Stone Medicine, alchemical acupuncture with the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, coherent intention and scientific meditation, and crystal technologies. You will receive a personalized ARK-structured Vibrational Tincture or Alchemical Crystal Treatment, based on your unique expression and desired outcomes.

Dr. Michele Kattke is a crystallographer and spiritual healer that is inspired to advance spiritual science. Michele is bridging the nascent scientific field of Quantum Crystallography with meditation, consciousness evolution, and Daoist Stone Medicine. Michele intends to experientially demonstrate the power of consciousness, substantiate ancient wisdom and healing arts with modern science, and innovate resonance-based crystal technologies.

Michele practices the science of meditation as a Kriyaban of Paramahamsa Yogananda, studies Daoist Stone Medicine under the Jade Purity Lineage, studies Quantum Medicine with Quantum University, and has founded the Quantum Crystalsphere to evolve consciousness and realize the quantum holographic, spiritual layer of universal consciousness.

Quantum Crystallography Session with Dr. Michele Kattke