The Quantum Crystalsphere Alchemy Laboratory presents an experiential training in the 8 Extraordinary Meridians for Crystalline Consciousness Evolution.

The 8 Extraordinary Meridians are non-local scalar energy portals that connect to the curious organs, which govern evolution of consciousness through the Jing soul essence. Using crystal technology from Daoist Materia Medica, we will transmit alchemical frequencies through resonance with the crystal lattice to evolve your quantum-holographic spiritual consciousness.

During this alchemy lab, you will meet 1-on-1 with Dr. Michele Kattke to discuss the 8 Extraordinary Meridians and Daoist Shamanic & Alchemcial Progression for evolving the Quantum Crystalsphere (experimental protocols will be sent in advance), as well as receive personalized crystal technology recommendations using materia medica from the Jade Purity Lineage (1 hour session; Q&A's are welcomed).


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8 Extraordinary Meridian Holographic Treatment