The Quantum Crystalsphere Alchemy Laboratory presents an experiential training in Vibration-imprinted Structured Water.

The water liquid crystal lattice is the primary quantum communication system of the physical body, transmitting energy and information between the quantum field and biocrystalline structures, such as cerebrospinal fluid, DNA, microtubules, fascia collagen, and others. Since our bodies are composed of >70% water, we can utilize the wisdom and power of water to transmit vibrations to evolve quantum-holographic spiritual consciousness.

During this alchemy lab, you will meet 1-on-1 with Dr. Michele Kattke to discuss crystal technologies for structuring water and vibrationally imprinting the water liquid crystal lattice (experimental protocols will be sent in advance), as well as receive a personalized recommendation of crystal technology from Daoist Materia Medica to perform an alchemical shamanic progression (1 hour session; Q&A's are welcomed).

Vibration-imprinted Structured Water