The Science of Meditation: A Quantum Crystallography Perspective ~ Part II

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

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Transducer Crystals in the Pineal Gland Resonate with Higher Frequencies

The pineal gland contains stacked rhombohedral crystals of calcium carbonate that are capable of generating piezoelectricity (Figure 5) [4]. By definition, the piezoelectric effect is a property of crystals in which applying mechanical stress produces an electrical charge. When the meditator holds his or her breath and tenses the perineum muscles, the increased intrathecal pressure via the CSF exerts pressure against pineal gland, which compresses the stacked microcalcite crystals to produce a piezoelectric current [3]. These activated microcalcite crystals are very sensitive to frequency and convert the pineal gland into a transducer, which can tune to high amplitude frequencies like a radio antenna [3].

Figure 5. Microcalcite Crystals of the Pineal Gland. Upper panel. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) image of microcalcite crystals in the pineal gland indicate a rhombohedral and hexagonal morphology. Lower panel. Indexed diffraction pattern from fragments of microcrystal indicates unit cell dimensions identical to the calcite crystal lattice. Images from Baconnier et al. (2002).

When the pineal gland becomes activated by liberated energy and intrathecal pressure, the piezoelectric microcalcite crystals produce an electromagnetic field [3]. In response to this electrical signal, the microcrystals in the pineal gland resonate, oscillate or vibrate, which physically equates to fluctuations or cycles of expansion and contraction of the crystal lattice (Figure 6) [3]. Altering the dimensions of the crystal lattice essentially tunes the wavelength of the microcrystal antenna, so that the pineal gland can receive quantum signals that are faster than the speed or wavelength of light and outside of the perceivable range of the five senses [3]. The resonant microcalcite crystals are accessing information directly from the quantum field, and the brain is transducing these frequencies into information in very profound ways, which produces increased consciousness and awareness [3]. Energy from the unified field or zero point energy field carries information in the form of thoughts and imagery to create an inner experience in the mind, which is perceived as an immersive experience that is more real than any external event [3].

Figure 6. The crystal structure of calcite shows the atomic arrangement of oxygen, carbon, and calcium atoms within the unit cell. The dimensions of the hexagonal crystal lattice of calcite define the atomic geometry and resonant frequency, and the periodic arrangement of the atoms in the crystal lattice creates a coherent field.

Pro-Consciousness Meditation with Crystal Technology

The Pro-Consciousness Meditation technique applies crystal technology to produce transcendent states in meditation through three different mechanisms: 1) activating piezoelectricity of the microcrystals in the pineal gland, 2) ascending energy flow along the cerebrospinal axis, and 3) structuring and creating coherence within subtle energy fields to liberate energy from the physical body [5-7]. Quartz crystals are powerful tools for meditation due to their piezoelectric property, coherent structure of the crystal lattice, and resonance properties to entrain or tune with crystalline structures of the body (Figure 6) [5-7]. In fact, our physical bodies are biocrystalline in nature, including an extensive water liquid crystal lattice (>70%), which stores the memory and information of our consciousness, as well as crystalline bone, structured microtubules, liquid crystal cellular membranes, and other crystallized biominerals in the brain and organs (Figure 7) [8, 9].

Figure 7. Naturally occurring biomineralization crystals within the human body. A. Otolith crystals of the inner ear. B. Magnetite crystals in the brain.

The Pro-Consciousness Meditation technique applies several crystal technologies during meditation, including the tachyon-imprinted Flower of Life Diamond Crystal and the Vogel-cut Crystal Wand (Figure 8) [5-7]. The crystal technologies accomplish several functions across different consciousness levels so that the meditator can experience perceptions of light and blissful sensations [5-7]. Specifically, all of the crystal technologies amplify the power of sound as the coherence mantra activates the mental body, as well as create fractal, holographic coherence with the supramental body of archetypes [5-7]. Furthermore, all of the crystal technologies can be programmed with intention, coupled to pranic breathing, and used to structure biological water networks via resonance [5-7].

Figure 8. Crystal technologies used during Pro-Consciousness Meditation. Upper panel. The Flower of Life Diamond Crystal. Lower panel. The Vogel-cut Crystal Wand.

The tachyon-imprinted Flower of Life Diamond Crystal entangles with the morphogenetic field to create coherent structure, transcend the conscious mind, and reorganize information [5-7]. The tachyonized quartz creates a controlled environment where the zero point energy field readily manifests high concentrations of tachyons [5-7]. By definition, tachyons are a form of energy that travels faster than the speed of light and can align subtle organizing energy fields (SOEFs). The tachyon-imprinted Flower of Life Diamond Crystal creates structure at the quantum level to generate negentropic effects and SOEFs that are large enough to encompass the entire human body during meditation [5-7]. The Flower of Life geometry acts in resonance with fundamental frequencies and space-time geometries of the universe and the blueprint of our inner structure [5-7].

The Vogel-cut Crystal Wand is programmed with intention using the breath and then coupled to energetic centers to circulate energy along the cerebrospinal axis and balance the physical and vital bodies [5-8]. The Vogel-cut Crystal Wand is directed to the third eye energy center and activated with breathing and mechanical pressure to generate currents of piezoelectricity, which are directionally targeted from the tip of the crystal toward the microcalcite crystals in the pineal gland [5-7]. The microcalcite crystals in the pineal gland are also activated by geometric resonance of the hexagonal crystal lattice of calcite and matching crystal lattice geometry of the quartz crystal [6-7]. This crystal technology targets the third eye chakra, which creates a perception of light, coherence, and transcendence, while activating microcalcite crystals in the pineal gland [5-7].


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