The Quantum-Holographic Consciousness Theory & Research for Supramental Powers of Consciousness

The Quantum-Holographic Theory of Consciousness

The nature of the universe, quantum field, and consciousness has been described as quantum-holographic by many ancient spiritual and philosophical traditions, such as Daoism. Congruently, modern quantum physics describes the quantum field, which permeates all vibratory creation, as a crystalline lattice of plank spherical units that form symmetrical, geometric formations to interact with light, vibration, and energy to generate universal forces and give rise to physical matter. Furthermore, a non-local domain of consciousness that transcends the crystalline quantum field and vibratory matter has been conceptualized and experienced through the holographic principle, described in the Holographic Universe Theory.

Interestingly, Quantum Crystallography, a nascent field of scientific inquiry and investigation, has emerged, supporting a comprehensive model of quantum-holographic consciousness. Through the lens of Quantum Crystallography, I perceive that consciousness is quantum-holographic in nature, analogous to a diffraction pattern, where organic and biological systems that embody consciousness, such as mineral crystals, water liquid crystals, cholesteric liquid crystals, and other forms of creation, interact with a non-local field of quantum-holographic consciousness through conscious intention and mechanisms based on energetic and vibratory biofields, encompassing subtle energy and quantum phenomena. Biological and experimental observations that support the Quantum-Holographic Consciousness Theory include experiments in which water crystallization is affected by conscious intention and cholesteric liquid crystal sensing of subtle energy in living systems.

The universal resonator of the Quartz crystal lattice and liquid crystals can be viewed as model systems to understand the crystalline structure of the quantum field, demonstrating the concept of using energetic and vibratory inputs with powers of consciousness to promote phase transitions within the crystalline quantum field and the non-local holographic consciousness outside of space-time. These phase transitions create different geometric forms that produce emergent energetic and vibratory expressions by interacting with the fundamental laws of the universe, such as universal forces studied through scientific investigation in physics and supramental consciousness understood through direct perception and experience with continued spiritual practice with quantum-holographic technologies, including meditation, intention, visualization, and prayer. The Theory of Quantum-Holographic Consciousness provides a fundamental framework to understand the quantum field and consciousness from a quantum crystallographic perspective, supporting cause-and-effect studies and technology development in the areas of subtle energy sensors, as well as crystal lattice and diffraction technology for healing biological organisms through quantum coherence and scalar energy.

The Quantum Crystalsphere Mystery School & Quantum Crystallography Research

Dr. Michele Kattke has immersively studied the ancient practice of quantum-holographic consciousness that has stood the test of time, called Daoist Stone Medicine, through the Jade Purity Lineage with Sarah Thomas at the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine, and is embarking on a research collaboration to bridge this ancient wisdom with the modern sciences of quantum physics and quantum crystallography. Michele's research focuses on correlating the crystal lattice geometry to Supramental Consciousness, called the Jing soul essence in Daoist healing arts. The findings will have profound insights for spiritual science and quantum-holographic technologies, such as scientific meditation, visualization, intention, prayer, and affirmation, as well as diffraction and crystal technology development for the healing arts.

Daoist shamans have intuitively realized that "shapes are good for shamanic endeavors," according to 88th generation Daoist Priest, Jeffrey Yuen. The quantum crystallography-based scientific research of Daoist Stone Medicine will transform our ability to develop powers of consciousness to interact with different dimensions of reality, such as the Supramental Consciousness and the quantum field. This novel scientific system will guide intuitive application of crystal lattices for the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, Holographic Mirror Treatments of Daoist medicine, as well as provide clarity on how the crystal lattice geometries interact with scalar energy, the crystalline quantum field, and crystalline structures within the physical body like water liquid crystals and cholesteric liquid crystal to substantiate profound healings at the Wei symptomatic level to bridge western medical frameworks of physiology and biological mechanisms and the Shen energetic level of prana, qi, and spirit. The Quantum Crystalsphere Mystery School and teachers of the Jade Purity Lineage will be the first in the world to apply this novel quantum crystallographic system of Daoist Stone Medicine for spiritual awakening and consciousness evolution, creating profound shamanic and alchemical transformations of the Jing soul essence, Supramental consciousness, and quantum-holographic spiritual consciousness. While the research is underway, I invite you to experience the Quantum Crystalsphere Alchemy Laboratory and Consciousness Evolution sessions.

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