The Crystal Jing Soul Essence ~ Supramental Consciousness & Quantum Crystallography Research

Thank you for supporting the Quantum Crystallography research of the Quantum Crystalsphere, to correlate the crystal structure and diffraction pattern geometry to Jing soul essence of Daoist Stone Materia Medica for quantum-holographic spiritual consciousness evolution and crystal technology innovation!

The Jing Soul Essence Materia Medica of the Flower Stone

The Chrysanthemum Flower Stone holds ancient wisdom as a precious seed of consciousness formed under high temperature and pressure at the bottom of the sea 270M years ago. The stone contains a matrix of organic carbon, which absorbs all frequencies of light into the dark color; as well as limestone, a CaCO3 polymorph, which like Calcite, resonates with microcalcite crystals in the pineal gland to transmit light frequencies and access multidimensions; and andalusite or Chiastolite, which expresses the compassionate essence of the Boddhisattva. A Celestite crystal nucleates its seed of consciousness and radiates outward as the crystal grows into a flower of enlightened consciousness, bringing light from the mystery of the darkness within. The beautiful Celestite Chrysanthemum flower attunes us to celestial, divine light frequencies to embody spirit of the shaman and the boddhisattva. The 10 trace elements include gold and silver that create inner alchemy to blossom and grow the flower, which is strengthened in essence and expression by the yang qi of strontium.

The Quantum Crystalsphere Mystery School & Quantum Crystallography Research

Dr. Michele Kattke has immersively experienced the ancient practices of quantum-holographic consciousness that has stood the test of time, called Daoist Stone Medicine, through training with Master Jeffrey Yuen from the Jade Purity Lineage and with Sarah Thomas at the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine, and is embarking on a research collaboration to bridge this ancient wisdom with the modern sciences of quantum physics and quantum crystallography. Michele's research focuses on correlating the crystal lattice geometry to Supramental Consciousness, called the Jing soul essence in Daoist healing arts. The findings will have profound insights for spiritual science and quantum-holographic technologies, such as scientific meditation, visualization, intention, prayer, and affirmation, as well as diffraction and crystal technology development for the healing arts.

Daoist shamans have intuitively realized that "shapes are good for shamanic endeavors," according to 88th generation Daoist Priest, Jeffrey Yuen. The quantum crystallography-based scientific research of Daoist Stone Medicine will transform our ability to develop powers of consciousness to interact with different dimensions of reality, such as the Supramental Consciousness and the quantum field. This novel scientific system will guide intuitive application of crystal lattices for the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, Holographic Mirror Treatments of Daoist medicine, as well as provide clarity on how the crystal lattice geometries interact with scalar energy, the crystalline quantum field, and crystalline structures within the physical body like water liquid crystals and cholesteric liquid crystal to substantiate profound healings at the Wei symptomatic level to bridge western medical frameworks of physiology and biological mechanisms and the Shen energetic level of prana, qi, and spirit. The Quantum Crystalsphere Mystery School and teachers of the Jade Purity Lineage will be the first in the world to apply this novel quantum crystallographic system of Daoist Stone Medicine for spiritual awakening and consciousness evolution, creating profound shamanic and alchemical transformations of the Jing soul essence, Supramental consciousness, and quantum-holographic spiritual consciousness. While the research is underway, I invite you to experience the Quantum Crystalsphere Alchemy Laboratory and Consciousness Evolution sessions.

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