Direct Experience & Realization of Quantum Crystalsphere Quantum-Holographic Spiritual Consciousness

The Quantum Crystallography course will launch in 2021, presenting the latest science, as well as experiential activities and insights from my direct experience and realization of interacting with the Quantum Crystalsphere quantum-holographic layer of consciousness! We are transcending information and theories to transmit direct experience to evolve consciousness; you are the next phase of human evolution!

The Intention Crystallizing Power of Consciousness

The intention power of consciousness has real crystallizing and materializing power. Through direct perception and experience, I have observed how the power of intention unfolds our desired outcomes into the physical reality. In 2019, I set my intention to synthesize the science of crystals for interacting with subtle energy and consciousness, specifically to create a spiritual science course and by presenting a talk titled “Modern Quartz Crystal Technology for the Biofield” at the IONS Conference. Since then, both of these energetic expressions of the intention that I transmitted have resonated and magnetically gravitated to me through the quantum field. I am about to launch the Quantum Crystallography course with my spiritual science mystery school, The Quantum Crystalsphere, as well as with Quantum University and the Project Noosphere Consciousness Accelerator and Meditation Community. I have also crystallized two research collaborations to synthesize a scientific system for correlating modern scientific crystallography with the healing art of ancient Daoist Stone Medicine, as well as crystallize consciousness receptors that could be receiving quantum signals and develop a liquid crystal sensor to detect stimuli from the quantum field and consciousness, such as intention, visualization, and meditation. These experiences have unfolded into my reality with such clarity, to reveal how very real the power of intention is to crystallize consciousness into the reality of your dreams. See special offerings for the Quantum Crystallography Laboratory Kit, Vogel Crystal, Liquid Crystal Sensor Kit, and Science Notebook below.

Supramental Crystalline Consciousness

The Supramental Consciousness is a non-local domain of consciousness that reconstructs our 3D space-time to project and experience our highest spiritual expression in this lifetime. I had my first direct realization of the Supramental Consciousness when I was reflecting on my dissertation research studies at UCLA. At the time, I was just a graduate student performing crystallography experiments to characterize a high profile drug target for

antibiotic development. But with new perception based on the quantum-holographic, spiritual consciousness, I realized that during those crystallography studies, I had mastered the universal creative force of crystallization and was applying the universal creative, crystallizing force of intention to successfully crystallize my proteins. I had unfolded the invisible domain of subtle universal forces and developed my powers of consciousness, and furthermore, I had crystallized the TarA protein, which was reflecting my supramental archetype of a Bodhisattva, the Tara Buddhist Bodhisattva deity, directly to me! The Supramental Consciousness had so clearly expressed into my physical reality for such a powerful realization about the spiritual nature of this reality. I have also perceived that the more that we energetically align to express Supramental Consciousness, the more beautifully the energetic expressions and spiritual experiences emerge into our physical reality. Which archetypes, values, universal subtle laws, and truths have you observed from the Supramental Consciousness?

Resonance through the Quantum Field with the Bliss Body

The Bliss Body is the subtlest layer of consciousness that permeates into the supramental, mental, vital, and physical bodies. We can cultivate the Bliss Body by following our divine inspiration, love, and bliss to create high vibrational frequencies to resonate with the quantum field. One day recently, I was immersed in my sacred spiritual science of kriya yoga meditation and reading lessons by my guru, Ascended Master Paramahamsa Yogananda, who teaches the science of the soul and spreads truth consciousness from his direct perception in cosmic consciousness. While reading Yogananda’s lessons, I entered into an ecstatic trance state; I was feeling the purity of the vibrations through my consciousness and feeling the vibrations resonate from my throat chakra to my pineal gland from the way that I was using my voice to channel this truth consciousness out loud. I was feeling surges of energy flowing through my body generated from this higher dimensional consciousness resonating with my chakra centers. When I had finished reading my lesson, I was inspired to sing while admiring the natural beauty of the trees outside my window. The purity of my state of consciousness and the tone in my voice made me feel as if I was experiencing the divine, and I instantly felt waves of tingling sensations flow over my entire body, activating all of my chakra centers. As the waves of chills ascended up my body to my crown chakra, I felt a magnetic pull at the top of my head as if consciousness from a higher dimension was funneling into my crown chakra. I was in a state of pure awareness in the present moment experiencing the stillness and beauty of the Bliss Body. Synchronistically, a friend reached out to me immediately to freestyle some music and vocals, responding to the non-local signals that I had just transmitted through the quantum field. By cultivating the Bliss Body, our intention consciousness frequencies resonate potently through the quantum field to magnetically gravitate our dreams to us.

Crystals as a Transmitter for Subtle Energy and Collective Consciousness

Crystals are multidimensional beings that interface with the physical reality, subtle energy or astral plane, and the non-local field of consciousness. On the physical plane, crystals have an ordered, crystalline lattice of vibratory atoms that give the illusion of a solid structure. This crystalline structure of elements and monoatomic elements superconducts scalar energy, also known as life force or prana, and can be used to circulate qi or chi through subtle energy systems like the meridians or chakras. I was fortunate to visit the beautiful spiritual sanctuary of the Sacred Valley near Cusco, Peru where I attended sacred ceremonies with a Shaman and several healers. A Reiki healer intuitively gifted me a natural quartz crystal, unknown to her that I was trained in the science of crystallography. As I sat with the quartz crystal, I decided to place it into my left palm chakra and contemplate in silence. I began to feel tingling down the left side of my neck and shoulder as subtle energy flowed from the upper chakras down my arm towards the quartz crystal in my palm. The center of my hand began to feel noticeably warm as I felt vibrating sensations where the quartz crystal was resting, and then suddenly, a burst of energy shot through the crystal lattice and termination of the quartz crystal into the non-local collective consciousness. I immediately received a text message from a highly intuitive family member responding to this transmission of subtle energy into the quantum field and fundamental field of consciousness. The multidimensionality of quartz crystals, as harmonizers, resonators, transmitters, and amplifiers, of subtle energy from the quantum field and consciousness was crystal clear, and a whole new dimension of reality had been revealed to me in that moment. This profound realization has inspired me to evolve a spiritual science of quantum crystallography to synthesize a scientific system for applying and engineering crystal lattices for subtle energy healing, spiritual awakening, and consciousness evolution. By evolving ancient wisdom from Daoist Stone Medicine and Shamanic healing practices with modern science of Crystallography and Quantum Physics, a whole new phase of consciousness evolution and spiritual transformation is awaiting.

Special Offerings in the Quantum Crystalsphere

~ Complementary Liquid Crystal Sensor Kit and Science Notebook with purchase of the Vogel Quartz Crystal

~ Complementary Science Notebook with purchase of the Liquid Crystal Sensor Kit

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