Crystallizing Supramental Consciousness: The Next Phase of Human Evolution

Updated: May 27

My Direct Realization of Supramental Consciousness

In the scientific discipline of crystallography, the propensity of proteins successfully crystallizing is extremely low, with well-ordered, diffracting crystals emerging for only ~10% of engineered protein samples, after screening 100's of crystallization conditions. Being called a natural crystallographer by my mentors, I seemed to have the "magic touch" with a 100% crystallization success rate! Maybe it was my creativity in experimental design, maybe it was my persistence and passion, but I started to sense that I was working with forces that were more intangible and outside of the realm of physical variables that crystallographers traditionally used within a materialist and reductionistic paradigm of science. I felt a bit different than my research peers as I realized that I had highly altruistic motives for my scientific pursuits; my consciousness was motivated by how important these crystal structures were for creating the next-generation of therapeutics that would SAVE THOUSANDS OF LIVES, instead of staying within the lines of scientific dogma and ego and funding-driven publication agendas. Was my INTENTION power of consciousness creating electromagnetic fields that were influencing the crystallization experiments??

After receiving my PhD at UCLA, I had the most eye-opening realization of my life! I had mastered the universal creative force of crystallization, which is fundamental to create all of the diverse, beautiful expressions that we observe in nature, as well as sophisticated engineered technologies. Furthermore, I had mastered crystallization to unfold transformative information from the invisible, "implicate order" as David Bohm has termed, in the tangible form of the TarA crystal structure. The TarA protein is a high potential enzyme drug target that can resensitize Methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA), which claims ~30,000 lives in the U.S. every year, to natural Beta-lactam antibiotics, essentially reharmonizing the balance with nature that has been skewed by over use of antibiotics in modern culture. But here's where it gets weird... Tara is also a Buddhist Boddhisattva diety that delays reaching nirvana out of compassion to help and save suffering beings. The TarA crystal structures were mirroring the Tara Boddhisattva archetype that I have embodied and am expressing from Supramental consciousness through my intention!!!

The TarA Bodhisattva archetype & TarA crystal structures.

Crystallizing Layers of Consciousness

Quantum physics shows that the entire universe is interconnected with intelligent energy that creates blueprints or templates that crystallize consciousness into form by crystallizing vibration through resonance. The physical body is permeated by the vital body, which is the energetic system of our multidimensional being. The vital body consists of prana, chi, or qi, also known as life force energy. This life force pranic energy can be cultivated through breathwork, which charges the hemoglobin in blood cells with oxygen as an energetic carrier to be distributed to sustain the physical body via the circulatory system. The electromagnetic action potentials of the nervous system are also a main component of the vital body; however, non-local subtle energy systems also constitute the vital body, including the meridian or nadi system, charka energy centers, and morphogenetic fields, which create a dynamic, holistic biofield. The information of the vital body can also be interpreted via feelings or sensations within the body. The physical and vital bodies are permeated by the mental body, which contains all of our mental activity, thoughts, and belief systems. The mental body mediates the mind-body connection to consciously direct life force energy to cells and vital organs of the physical body using will of volition power of consciousness to sustain vitality. We can interact and reprogam the mental body using contemplation to change the meaning that we give to thoughts and experiences, as well as through meditation and prayer, which are powerful tools for interacting with the quantum field.

The Supramental Consciousness transcends the mind, and is the layer of information that contains dynamic energetic and consciousness expression patterns for archetypes, universal laws and truths, and values. Symbols are often used to interact with the supramental body through resonance or in ways that are beyond conscious awareness. When the supramental body permeates the denser layers of consciousness through meditation and prayer, we are beginning to more fully embody our highest expression of self by mastering the subtle energetic movements, contexts, and expressions that progress us towards self-realization. Finally, the Bliss body is the subtlest layer of consciousness that uses divine love, inspiration, and grace to guide us to realize our spiritual nature, pure consciousness, and transcendent, blissful experiences. The Bliss body is cultivated through meditation, prayer, light, and sound. The healing and transformation potentials are profound when evolving expression patterns at the layers of the Supramental and Bliss bodies using the Downward Causation Model of Consciousness.

The Quantum Crystalsphere Reflection

~ How will you use the Downward Causation Model of Consciousness for transformation and consciousness evolution?

~ What archetypes are you expressing from Supramental Consciousness? How can you more energetically integrate and embody your archetypes?

~ How will you use quartz crystal technology to amplify your intention power of consciousness into the quantum field Flower of Life diffraction pattern to produce emergent properties for your archetypes?


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