Crystal Technology for Supramental Consciousness & Spiritual Evolution

Ancient Daoist traditions have been using crystal technology for spiritual awakening and consciousness evolution for thousands of years. The 88-generation Jade Purity Lineage is one such Daoist lineage that practices the art of Stone Medicine with a blend of alchemy, shamanism, mysticism, and meditation for profound healing and awakening at the Jing soul essence. The Jing means "crystal" in Chinese, which represents the biocrystalline structures of the physical body that resonate with the quantum field and transcendent consciousness to express Supramental consciousness. The Jing contains the DNA and cosmic qi or karma from across timelines and dimensions, which guide us to express our soul destiny and life mission.

Crystal technology is utilized during Daoist Stone Medicine to energetically and vibrationally activate the Eight Extraordinary Meridians through non-local resonance and transmit frequencies of Supramental consciousness to awaken the Jing soul essence. This powerful alchemical and shamanic spiritual science accesses the soul intuition through the transcendent non-local domain of Supramental Consciousness to identify one's soul purpose and destiny for this lifetime. The crystal technology is programmed with intention for holographic mirror treatments that unfold information from multiple dimensions of space-time, while energetically and vibrationally activating crystalline consciousness structures via resonance with geometric crystal lattice. Activation of the DNA, brain, bone, cerebrospinal fluid, marrow, and blood vessels drives consciousness evolution by transmitting prana or life force energy and higher frequency vibration through the circulatory and nervous system to stimulate the causal and astral bodies. The meditative experience of Daoist Stone Medicine facilitates embodiment of Supramental consciousness through soul intuition, higher universal truths, subtle laws of cause and effect, and archetypal energetic expressions.

Dr. Michele Kattke is synthesizing a scientific system of Daoist Stone Medicine based in crystallography to correlate the Jing soul essence and Supramental Consciousness to the crystal structure and diffraction pattern that resides outside of spacetime. The research will evolve the ancient healing wisdom from the Jade Purity Lineage Daoist materia medica with modern science of crystallography and create scientific classification system for meridian treatments, vibrational tinctures, and quantum healing for spiritual awakening, alchemical transformation, and consciousness evolution.

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inspired by Supramental Quantum Healing & Alchemical Daoist Stone Medicine with Dr. Michele Kattke. Vibrational tinctures with ARK Crystal-structured water, intention-programmed Vogel Crystal, and Daoist Stone Medicine materia medica can be custom ordered with complementary consultation.

Dr. Michele Kattke is initiated in Daoist Stone Medicine (Upper Clarity) & Kriya Yoga Meditation (Self-Realization Fellowship), and trained in spiritual healing under Jeffrey Yuen with the Jade Purity Lineage and Quantum Healing with Quantum University.

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