Consciousness Evolution: The Quantum Crystalsphere

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

According to the Holoinformation Model of Consciousness, quantum-informational fluctuations generated from the universal consciousness through the holomovement (a non-local holoflux) self-organizes the universe’s basic informational levels:

☄️The Cosmosphere 💫 with the Atomic-Nuclear Code that organizes energy and matter. It is the physical level and information is stored in atomic structures.

☄️The Biosphere 🧬 with the Genetic Code that organizes life. It is the biological level and information is stored in the DNA molecules.

☄️The Noosphere 🧠 with the Neural Code that organizes the brain and mind. It is the psycho-social level and information is stored in neural networks.

☄️The Technosphere 💻 with Artificial Intelligence Codes. It is the technology level and information is stored in internet, in hardware and software designs.

☄️The Quantum Crystalsphere 🌎☄️ with the Quantum-Holographic Code. It is the consciousness level that organizes the interconnectivity between the mind and the universe. It is the spiritual level, and information is stored in quantum-holographic networks of the brain and the cosmos. Such informational codes, this order that is transmitted in a meaningful and intelligent way through all levels of complexity of the universe, is the negentropic self-organizing nature of information-consciousness, an irreducible physical dimension of the cosmos as energy and matter.

What is the Quantum Crystalsphere?

The Quantum Crystalsphere is a level of consciousness and a new phase of evolution focused on perception of the spiritual layer of reality and creating clarity in our inner vision. This level of consciousness is beyond the conscious mind or the Noosphere, and is facilitated by magnetic biofields generated by the heart and brain, which gravitate matching or resonating electromagnetic frequency signatures into our physical reality. When we interact with these matching frequencies that emerge in our physical reality, whether people, events, or experiences, we expand awareness of our inner world, providing clarity on our authentic spiritual nature and the current state of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, memories, and experiences. This process is also reversible, meaning that we can influence the external world through the magnetic field of our heart. Human emotion creates magnetic fields via the heart that penetrate all of physical reality. By cultivating feelings of compassion, appreciation, gratitude, care, and forgiveness, we create coherence between the Heart and the Brain to establish quality communication internally to create change that is mirrored externally. Using intention or highly coherent feelings and thoughts, we can influence the magnetic fields of the Earth, the weather, our immune systems, our cognitive abilities, and social events.

Scientifically, the heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field in the body, which is 100X electrically stronger and 5000X magnetically stronger than the brain. We can consciously create feelings to create coherent patterns of EM fields in our hearts that change the vibrational state of the atoms in our body, rearrange the quantum field, and manifest our external reality. When interacting with the Quantum Crystalsphere, you are consciously creating the template for universal consciousness to crystallize around and becoming what you want to experience in your life.

The Quantum Crystalsphere expresses the non-local, self-organizing intelligence of the universe, which is multidimensional, holographic, fractal, and constructed at the fundamental quantum level by sacred geometry and waveforms (Figure 1). It is a universally connected hologram of consciousness that interconnects every living entity. Spiritual development at this level of consciousness is guided by syntropy, or an energetically favorable, highly organized increase in complexity in the universe, and synchronicity linked to positive feelings in the heart space to evolve to higher states of consciousness. Activities of the Quantum Crystalsphere guides us to bypass the mind and vital body to fully embody our higher self, by creating physical representations of archetypes, values, symbols, and universal truths.

Figure 1. Diffraction patterns from crystalline structures that demonstrate the holographic, fractal, and geometric nature of the fundamental layer of reality. Waveforms containing information about real space objects superimpose to create interference or diffraction patterns that store information in the geometry and intensity of the reciprocal space pattern, which can be used to reconstruct 3D reality.

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