Cholesteric Liquid Crystals as Receptors for Consciousness in Living Matter

Cholesteric liquid crystals (CLCs) are ubiquitous within biological organisms and nature, and many researchers and liquid crystal experts have states that liquid crystals contain the essence of life itself, often referred to as life force, vital force, prana, chi, and qi. In fact, Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919), a zoologist with progressive theories of evolution, claimed that all matter was endowed with a soul. Both Ernst Haeckel and crystallographer Otto Lehmann propounded that liquid crystals are essential for biological processes, and these cholesteric liquid crystals are fundamental in the organization of biological structures.

Figure 1. Liquid Crystal Souls

Ernst Haeckel (German, 1834–1919)

Chromolithograph in Ernst Haeckel, Kristallseelen (Leipzig, 1917), frontispiece

Lent by a private collection, Los Angeles

Figure 2. The geometric helicoidal structure of cholesteric liquid crystals.

Liquid crystals are a quasi-crystalline phase with both fluidity of a liquid and order or structure of the crystalline phase. The cholesteric liquid crystal phase is characterized by helicoidal geometry, in which elongated chiral molecules are orientationally ordered to rotate along a helical axis. The periodicity of the CLC, which is a defining feature of a crystal, is determined by the pitch, which is the distance along the helical axis to complete a full 360 degree rotation. The periodicity defined by the pitch, twist sense or handedness of the helix, and chirality of the elementary bricks create diverse functional properties, including selective reflection of light and polarization of light, which can be monitored as a detection mechanism.

Cholesteric liquid crystals are found across living biological systems and encompass many of the fundamental structure of biological organisms, including DNA, chitin in exoskeletons, collagen in the fascia system, cellulose in plant structures, and phospholipid bilayers and the cell membrane. The CLC structures play a paramount role in harvesting and transducing energy from incident wavelengths of light, using chirality and handedness of CLC to maximize the capture of light, as well as offering structural integrity for tolerance to mechanical stress and dissipating energy.

Figure 3. Phase transitions of DNA with increasing DNA concentration, including liquid crystal to 3D crystalline phases.

The cholesteric liquid crystalline geometric structure of DNA imbues powerful emergent properties, including the superconducting scalar energy or longitudinal waves, which is a fractal, helicoidal spiraling energy and information for organization, morphogenesis, and regeneration of biological systems. The affinity of DNA to superconduct scalar energy enables it to actually revert mutations in the DNA sequences of genetically modified plants back to their native genetic material. The helicoidal geometry of DNA also emits biophotons and produces phantom effects, in which the underlying geometric structure of the quantum field that crystallizes scalar energy into electromagnetic fields can be observed even when no DNA is present. CLCs are essential in living matter as superconducting antennas that receive and transmit nonlocal consciousness and scalar energy blueprints!

Many questions emerge when contemplating the lives and consciousness of CLCs. These helicoidal structures give rise to biological organizations with sacred geometry, so how is consciousness, scalar energy, light or biophotons, and electromagnetic energy received, processed, and transmitted in higher ordered geometric structures of CLCs? For example, how is superconductivity of scalar energy or biophoton emission influenced by 2D hexagonal, 3D hexagonal, and orthorhombic crystal structures of DNA?​ Do these higher ordered geometric structures create better quantum coherence to detect and transfer energy and information from the geometric crystalline lattice of the quantum field? Do crystal structures of CLC have more propensity to entangle and create quantum coherence in biofields of the observer and CLC system? How does the fundamental helicoidal geometry resonate with the quantum field? Can the helicoidal geometry in the quartz crystal lattice be engineered to generate new technologies for energetic expressions from the quantum field or creating coherence in biophotons or subtle energy systems of biology organisms? These helicoidal, biocrystalline structures are integral to our interconnectedness with the quantum field and fundamental consciousness underlying all reality

Figure 4. The piezoelectric helicoidal geometry in the Quartz crystal lattice superconducts fractal, spiraling scalar energy. Left: Electric coronal discharge (kirlian) photography of quartz crystal. Right, top: 6-fold hexagonal symmetry of the optical C-axis of the quartz crystal lattice. Right, bottom: 3-fold and 6-fold helicoidal arrangements of SiO4 tetrahedral units along the piezoelectric A-axes.

The Liquid Crystal Quantum Sensor is a system developed by crystallographer Marcel Vogel, which uses cholesteric liquid crystals. Marcel Vogel was the first crystallographer to use liquid crystal to detect powers of consciousness by intense visualization and meditation, amplifying biophoton emissions through a light microscope. The Liquid Crystal Quantum Sensor currently detects thermal stimuli and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from the environment, including emotional states that are transmitted through EMF, biophoton, and quantum phenomena of the holistic Biofield that radiates from subtle energy centers in the body, such as the neuroendocrine chakra centers and meridian system. We are engineering CLC systems to increase sensitivity to detect structuring in the quantum field using powers of consciousness, such as intention, meditation, and visualization. The Liquid Crystal Quantum Sensor is now available for thermal and EMF-based spiritual science experiments!


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