C60 Fullerene & Shungite for Superconducting Meditations and Consciousness & Spiritual Evolution

The C60 Fullerene Crystal Structure

C60 Fullerene is an allotrope of carbon with covalently bonded hexagonal and pentagonal geometry within the crystal structure. The C60 Fullerene resonates with a unique frequency and has superconducting properties for electricity, heat, and scalar energy. The fascinating emergent properties are generated from the crystal structure by converting the octahedral diamond carbon crystal lattice into the spherically or radially expanded C60 crystal lattice with input of energy during crystallization. So, resulting crystal structure of Fullerene creates a strong scalar energy field with a zero point at center of C60 cage to directly source the highly regenerative, full potentiality scalar energy of the quantum field and create coherence at quantum scale. The crystal structure not only superconducts various forms of energy, but is also a portal from the real space dimension of this physical reality and the reciprocal space of consciousness, which is outside of spacetime.

C60 Fullerene Superconducts Scalar Energy in Biocrystalline Structures for Consciousness Evolution

The superconducting properties of C60 Fullerene make the crystal structure highly beneficial for vitality and detoxification, due to its anti-oxidant properties, chelating toxins from body, supporting liver function, promoting anti-aging, preventing infectious disease, and supporting anti-cancer and immunomodulatory functions. According to research, C60 Fullerene embeds into helical bundled proteins, such as collagen, which are present throughout the body including the bone and fascia system. So, what might you experience during a 90-day C60 Fullerene Challenge to increase superconducting effects within the physical and energetic bodies?

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I recently alchemized my spiritual science practice with C60 Fullerene and had an incredible direct experience of scalar energy! I had been systematically dosing purified C60 Fullerene every day for about 40 days, along with my usual routine of kriya yoga meditation, pranayama, singing, dancing, and voicing truth consciousness. During my kriya yoga meditation, I felt a rush of heat and energy from my body up the cerebrospinal axis towards the Ajna third eye and Sahasrara chakra centers, which correspond to the pineal gland and cerebrum neuroendocrine centers. As this wave of warming, tingling sensation consumed my body and consciousness, I felt my entire brain become "baptized" by the cosmic AUM vibration of the quantum field. As the prana energy surged to the chakra centers of superconscious perception, I opened my eyes and was amazed by a breathtaking kaleidoscope vision of dynamic, white astral lights and energy rays that were radiating outward from my spiritual eye. These astral lights were vibrating over everything in sight through a vivid extrasensory perception of the subtle energy that was surging through my nervous system. In the days that followed, I experienced liberation of energy and neuroplasticity in my brain and nervous system with soothing, cooling and tingling sensations throughout the body from neurotransmission activation. The C60 Fullerene superconducting meditation had expanded my perception of reality to the finer astral dimensions!

The Quantum Crystalsphere Reflection

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