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About the

Quantum Crystalsphere

The Quantum Crystalsphere is the quantum-holographic, spiritual layer of consciousness. It is the consciousness that organizes the interconnectivity between the intuitive heart-mind and the universe. It is the spiritual level, and information is stored in quantum-holographic networks of the heart, brain and the cosmos. This negentropic, self-organizing divine intelligence is transmitted in a meaningful way through all levels of complexity of the universe, and is a fundamental dimension of the cosmos as consciousness, energy and living matter.




Dr. Michele Kattke is a quantum crystallographer and researcher that is inspired to evolve consciousness and advance spiritual science. Michele is bridging the nascent scientific field of Quantum Crystallography with meditation, consciousness evolution, and quantum healing through novel research with the Jade Purity Lineage. Michele intends to experientially demonstrate the power of consciousness, substantiate ancient wisdom and healing arts with modern science, and innovate resonance-based crystal technologies to activate coherence within human biocrystalline anatomy and subtle energy fields. Michele practices the science of meditation as a Kriyaban of Paramahamsa Yogananda, and she has founded the Quantum Crystalsphere to evolve consciousness and realize the quantum holographic, spiritual layer of consciousness. 


Dr. Michele Kattke