Consciousness Healing with the Quantum Field for COVID-19

Updated: Aug 15

So, you may be wondering, what is the Quantum Crystalsphere? This is a level of consciousness and new phase of evolution that is focused on the perception of the spiritual layer of reality. It expresses the non-local, self-organizing intelligence of the universe, which is multidimensional, holographic, fractal, and constructed by sacred geometry and waveforms at the fundamental quantum level. It is a hologram of consciousness that interconnects every living entity, and it operates through magnetic biofields generated by the heart and brain, which gravitate matching or resonating electromagnetic frequency signatures into our physical reality. When we interact with these resonating frequencies, whether they be people, events, or experiences, we expand awareness of our inner world, providing clarity on our authentic spiritual nature and the current state of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs. This process is also reversible, meaning that we can influence the external world by using magnetic fields generated by emotion with the heart that permeate all of physical reality. By cultivating feelings of compassion, appreciation, gratitude, care, and forgiveness, we create coherence between the heart and the brain to establish quality communication internally, which creates changes that are mirrored externally. By using intention, or highly coherent thoughts and feelings, we can interact with the Quantum Crystalsphere and consciously create the template to crystallize universal consciousness and create the life experiences that we desire. Spiritual development at the Quantum Crystalsphere level of consciousness is guided by syntropy, or an energetically favorable, highly organized increase in complexity of the universe, and synchronicity, which is linked to positive feelings in the heart space that evolve us towards higher states of consciousness and full embodiment of our higher self by creating physical representations of archetypes, values, symbols, and universal truths.

The scientific techniques of the Quantum Crystalsphere are more important now than ever, as we experience the historical landmark of the Coronavirus Pandemic. The COVID-19 outbreak has infected more than >2.5M people worldwide and accounted for >170,000 deaths as of April 2020, and it will likely continue to challenge the global community through multiple waves of infection due to the airborne transmission route of this virus. The pandemic presents us with an eye-opening, wake-up call to realize our vulnerability as human beings and our interconnectivity with nature, and I hope that through this challenging experience, we will establish a harmonious relationship with nature, support one another to become resilient as a global community, and renew our apprecitation for the sacredness of life. I invite you to join me in honoring all of the individuals that have been affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic. For the next moments, please imagine that you are breathing through your heart space and cultivate feelings of compassion and care for all of the individuals that have been affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic, and as this wave of positive emotion is transmitted from your heart into the quantum energy field, let’s express appreciation and gratitude for this present moment and hold our intention for health, wellness, and spiritual thriving. Thank you.

To support the 2020 Wellness Medicine Summit Community at this time, I am transmitting Quantum Energy Healing with crystal technology, hosting a live silent meditation space, and extending an exclusive offer for tools and experiential training for the Quantum Crystalsphere. You can register for the exclusive offer for the Liquid Crystal Quantum Sensor ☄️💎for detecting subtle energy and consciousness, customized Quartz Crystal Technology, and my new courses on Quantum Crystallography ☄️💎, the Science of Meditation, Quantum Healing of Biocrystalline Anatomy, and Crystallizing Consciousness, which will be featured with Quantum Univeristy and Project Noosphere!

To transmit Non-local Quantum Energy Healing, I have programmed the Vogel-cut Crystal Wand with intention using the breath, which is transmitted non-locally throughout the quantum field via geometric resonance to structure subtle energy fields of the body. I also invite you to join the Quantum Crystalsphere Silent Meditation Room, where I am using the tachyon-imprinted Flower of Life Diamond Crystal to entangle with the morphogenetic fields to create negentropic, coherent structures of sacred geometry to transcend the mind, reorganize information at the Supramental Layer of the Downward Causation Model of Consciousness for quantum healing, and create blissful experiences. As you may know, meditation has been used since ancient times to evolve consciousness from the limited ego, which is identified with the physical body and attachment to the senses, to expanded states of consciousness, including superconsciousness and soul perception of an omniscient, omnipresent, and individualized spirit. Scientific meditation is considered a panacea and produces an array of positive outcomes, including improved cognitive functioning, increased concentration and attention span, improved memory, increased brain activity in areas associated with happiness and positive thinking, increased restful sleep, improved creativity and problem-solving, enhanced ability to learn, decreased rate of serious illness, reversal of the aging process, and heart-brain coherence. By integrating scientific meditation into our lifestyles, we can experience profound healings and transformations across all areas of life. Please join us in the Quantum Crystalsphere💎🌎 to receive the gifts of meditation and quantum energy healing to strengthen your health and resilience, expand your highly conscious community, learn more about crystal technology and consciousness, and thrive in your spiritual expression. I look forward to crystallizing consciousness with you at the 2020 Wellness Medicine Summit!


Dr. Michele Kattke

Dr. Michele Kattke is a spiritual scientist that is bridging the science of Quantum Crystallography with Meditation, Consciousness, and Quantum Medicine to evolve the quantum holographic, spiritual layer of consciousness. At 2020WM, she'll be hosting a workshop to demonstrate the power of consciousness with quantum crystal technologies and to provide experiential training to interact with the Quantum Crystalsphere, including meditation, intention, and heart-brain coherence.

2020 Wellness Medicine Summit Workshop Abstract

The Quantum Crystalsphere presents a workshop for consciousness evolution. During this workshop, Dr. Michele Kattke will share the scientific principles of crystallography as a foundation to contemplate the crystallization creative principle, the Holographic Universe Theory, and the Cristalosphere quantum level of consciousness. Participants will directly observe the power of consciousness through demonstrations using crystallization sensors for visualization and intention, as well as learn about the science and applications of modern crystal technologies (ARK crystal, Vogel crystal, and Tachyon-imprinted Flower of Life Diamond crystal), including programming with intention, establishing coherent subtle energy fields, and activating biocrystalline systems during meditation. Participants will receive experiential training in heart coherence, group intention, and scientific meditation, as well as guided reflection activities to integrate the principles of crystallography into their life.


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