How Does a Crystal Transfer Energy?

Updated: Aug 24

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So, how exactly does a well-ordered crystal transfer energy? The secret is in the atomic symmetry of the crystal lattice. If we take a closer look, the quartz crystal lattice contains a vertical C-axis that is perpendicular to three identical A-axes. If we view along the C-axis, we observe a 2D projection of hexagonal geometry, which produces optical properties. If we rotate 90 degrees and view along the A-axis, we observe a 2D projection of covalently linked vertical helices of tetrahedra. The symmetry of the A-axis produces a very important energetic property, called piezoelectricity, which is the conversion of mechanical stress, like pressure and sound, into electricity or an electric current. The piezoelectricity of the A-axis creates a mechanism for energy transfer within the quartz crystal. In its initial state, the Silicon-oxygen tetrahedron is perfectly symmetrical, but when pressure is applied, the tetrahedral geometry is deformed and the atoms shift, creating an imbalance in electrostatic charge. This creates a separation of positive and negative charge that is propagated throughout the crystal lattice to opposite faces of the crystal. This separation of charge creates voltage, which allows the flow of electrons, also called electric current or electricity. The A-axis also produces inverse piezoelectricity, meaning that electromagnetic frequencies or voltage will cause the crystal to vibrate or oscillate at its natural frequency, called the resonant frequency. The inverse piezoelectric mechanism of vibration allows crystals to selectively resonate with a desired frequency in a person’s electromagnetic biofield and filter out any dissonant frequencies, therefore restoring the biofield to a coherent state.

Two modernly engineered crystal technologies of interest include the Vogel-cut Crystal and Advanced Resonance Kinetics (ARK) Crystal. Crystallographer Marcel Vogel engineered therapeutic quartz crystals with precise resonant frequencies by changing the crystal’s external shape or macroscopic morphology. He determined that the resonant frequency of a crystal can be tuned by optimizing the type of atoms or elements incorporated into the crystal lattice, the orientation of the atoms or internal symmetry, and the number of unit cells or volume along each of the crystal axes, which is determined by the dimensions, number of faces, and termination angles. Specifically, he cut along the axes of the crystal lattice to create 4- or 13-sided crystals with pyramidal terminations, and these parameters could be customized to produce a healer’s signature resonant frequency, to amplify energy to different intensities, and to produce ideal energetic properties for meditation and healing. He also developed a reproducible method to energetically charge the crystal using pranic energy linked to the oxygen carrier of the breath and consciousness focused at the vibration of love and well-being.

At the leading edge of resonance-based crystal technology, the ARK crystal has been

engineered at the atomic and quantum level. Unified Physicist, Nassim Haramein, manufactured quartz crystals with tetrahedral geometry at the macroscopic level and then activated the quartz crystal lattice using a custom electromagnetic field (EMF) generating device, called the Harmonics Flux Resonator (HFR). The electromagnetic field of the HFR creates atomic phase transitions or coherent subatomic or quantum vibrational spin states within the crystal lattice so that the crystal resonates and absorbs energy from the quantum or vacuum energy field. This quantum vacuum energy field is what most people think of as “empty” space or what some refer to as ether or akasha. In fact, it is the fundamental energy field that contains 99.99999% of the energy of the universe. The ARK crystal can directly harness the infinite creative energy of the quantum vacuum energy field through resonance and does not require a healer as an energy conduit. The vertices or terminations of the ARK crystal have been shown experimentally to continuously emit photons after EMF activation. The ARK crystal has been shown to structure water networks to promote biological vitality in plants, and can be used to produce coherent brainwaves during meditation and restore coherency to subtle energy fields. The Vogel and ARK crystal technologies represent exciting modern milestones in the crystal technology timeline, suggesting that it’s only a matter of time until the next wave of crystal capabilities and tools emerge.


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