Create Heart-Brain Coherence with Natural Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors

Updated: May 18

The shamanic cultures of South America use a powerful entheogen, called Ayahuasca, as a shamanic tool for transformation and healing. The Mother Ayahuasca spiritual medicine consists of a Banisteriopsis caapi vine that contains hamalas, as well as other ingredients containing dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which transmits profound teachings via hallucinations and transcendence phenomena. The harmalas have many positive benefits, including antidepressant effects, anxiolytic calming effects, increasing BDNF in hippocampus, stimulating dopamine release, anti-addictive effects, neuroprotective effects, and activating glutamate transporter expression and Glu uptake. These harmalas are the active ingredients of the Ayahuasca spiritual medicine brew; they are also known as beta-carbolines and monoamine oxidase inhibitors, and their chemical components are tetrahydroharmine, harmine, and haramline.

The Science of MAOIs and Heart-Brain Coherence

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) target the enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO) that cleaves the benzene ring of monoamine neurotransmitters, like serotonin and DMT, to modulate neurotransmission via postsynaptic G-coupled protein receptor (GPCR) and ionotropic receptor signaling pathways. Increased monoamine neurotransmitter triggers more neuronal action potentials; so, by ingesting MAOIs, we can decrease turnover of the natural, endogenous production of monoamine neurotransmitters to synergistically modulate neurotransmission and neurophysiology of our nervous system. Coupled with holistic breathwork or hypoxic intermittent breathing techniques, such as the Wim Hof method or pranayama, which have been reported to increase endogenous production of DMT within the pineal gland, MAOIs can create significant shifts in our physiology, consciousness, and profound, transcendent experiences.

Dr. Michele Kattke's Experience with MAOIs

Monoamine oxidase genes are highly expressed within the brain, circulatory system (heart, arteries, veins), and gut within humans; view the expression profile here: By activating neuronal activity within these organs using MAOIs, we can increase the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produced by each of these energy centers, or chakras, within the subtle energy biofield or vital body. The more robust and regulated the EMFs of these chakra energy centers, the more coherence in the communication of energy and information transfer within our human organism. This Heart-Brain Coherence can modulate neuronal synchronization and circadian rhythmicity for increased health and well-being.

Dr. Michele Kattke remarked, "My experience with MAOIs was incredible! I felt my heart chakra activate and my entire chest cavity was vibrating from the increased EMF activity. All of my self-critical, overthinking tendencies from the analytical side of my mind totally disappeared as I felt the intelligence of my heart singing to my brain through the highly coherence state that I was in. I was totally present in the moment with a heightened perception of myself and my environment - the colors on the trees outside my window never looked so vibrant! - and my actions were guided solely by my emotion. My voice also sounded noticeably different, like the wisdom of my heart was awakened to transmit the consciousness of my soul on the sound of my voice. I felt totally disinhibited, and I don't think that I had sang and danced that whole-heartedly since I was a little girl dancing at my dad's Blues shows! I also had a synchronistic realization of a past life as a Dzogchen medical practicioner using powdered medicine to modulate states of consciousness and experience transcendent spiritual awareness, as I read my book about Dzogchen and the primordial state, The Crystal and the Way of Light. It was an incredible, consciousness expanding experience!

In the days following the MAOI experience, I experienced increased sensitivity to the pulsing within the veins and arteries of my circulatory system. These effects were likely due to quantum hematology, where the highly coherent biofield produced by the heart and brain EMFs structures components within the cerebrospinal fluid, which also structures the organization of red blood cells within the plasma of the blood. The restructuring of the circulatory system had profound effects on my vital body's ability to effectively circulate pranic energy via oxygen and the red blood cells, as well as facilitate non-local, signaless communication of my emotional, vibrational states and heart-brain coherence via the cerebrospinal fluid, which is connected with the circulatory system via the ventricles in the brain."

For more information about Heart-Brain Coherence, please see the research by HeartMath Institute and Gregg Braden:


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