Consciousness Evolution: The Noosphere Interconnected Mind

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According to the Holoinformational Model of Conscsiousness, quantum-informational fluctuations generated from the universal consciousness through the holomovement, or non-local holoflux, self-organizes the universe into basic informational levels [1]. These consciousness levels include:

☄️The Cosmosphere 💫 with the Atomic-Nuclear Code that organizes energy and matter. It is the physical level where information is stored in atomic structures.

☄️The Biosphere 🧬 with the Genetic Code that organizes life. It is the biological level where information is stored in the DNA molecules.

☄️The Noosphere 🧠 with the Neural Code that organizes the brain and mind. It is the psycho-social level where information is stored in neural networks.

☄️The Technosphere 💻 with Artificial Intelligence Codes. It is the technology level where information is stored in internet, in hardware and software designs.

☄️The Quantum Crystalsphere 🌎☄️ with the Quantum-Holographic Code. It is the consciousness level that organizes the interconnectivity between the heart, mind and the universe. It is the spiritual level where information is stored in quantum-holographic networks of the brain and the cosmos. This quantum information is transmitted in a meaningful, purposeful, and intelligent way through all levels of complexity of the universe, and it is the negentropic and self-organizing nature of information-consciousness, an irreducible physical dimension of the cosmos as energy and matter.

The Noosphere Phase of Consciousness Evolution

To facilitate the evolution of consciousness, Dr. Paul Drouin has founded Project Noosphere, a global community that practices meditation and intention to facilitate the health worldwide by increasing the state of coherence. Dr. Paul Drouin states, “The most important realization, along these years of research on consciousness, is that what really matters is not to know about consciousness, but how you relate with it and to realize how intimately you are a manifestation of it. As long you are caught in the conventional thinking, of the linear thinking of the Newtonian Physics, subject to the thermodynamics laws, you are doomed to a degenerative mode of entropy.” Project Noosphere teaches the global community how to transcend and reach a singularity point to generate negentropic self-organization and fractal biofields with perfect charge distribution of energy, since consciousness in itself is innate intelligence. By gathering a critical mass of 1% of the world’s population to meditate and use the power of intention, Project Noosphere is reharmonizing the collective consciousness and creating quantum coherence for spontaneous healing, more harmony and peace, and to catalyze quantum leaps in consciousness evolution (Figure 1).

Dr. Paul Drouin was inspired by the works of philosopher Teilhard de Chardin, author of the Phenomenon of Man, who expressed the syntropic, convergent evolutionary worldview that everything is a dynamic evolution from nothingness to an omega point, or the movement of expansion and contraction guided by non-local archetypal laws reflecting the underlying fractal organization of life [2]. According to Teilhard de Chardin, there is a layer of consciousness, called the Noosphere, that represents an internal dimension of directed evolution towards increasingly complex social arrangements that give rise to higher consciousness; it is a stage of human evolution in which intelligence is integrated with intuitive knowing [2]. The Noosphere will eventually evolve into the Quantum Crystalsphere, which is the omega point at a future space-time that is drawing all creation towards it to converge the physical reality and spirituality into superconsciousness [2].

Figure 1. Coherent electromagnetic waveforms, such as those produced during heart-based intention and meditation, are emitted from the human nervous system into the Noosphere layer of consciousness to influence the physical reality. See the blog article titled Intention Power of Consciousness is a Universal Creative Force for more details about this scientific process: [3].

Scientific Research on the Noosphere Consciousness

Biogeochemist Vladimir Vernadsky presents the Noosphere as a sphere of thought and scientific reasoning that encapsulates the Earth through the interconnected mind of our social networks [4]. It represents humankind’s rational activities, like a global sphere of reason. Consciousness has continually evolved with the emergence of life transforming the Cosmosphere, followed by the emergence of human cognition transforming the Biosphere [4]. The Noosphere displays emergent social phenomena, ranging from legal, educational, religious, research, industrial, and technological systems, which have emerged through interaction of human minds [4]. A beautiful example of emergent social phenomena of the Noosphere is the coherent collaboration of the power of collective consciousness for world peace and harmony. In fact, after a public demonstration in which 4000 people participated in a mass, synchronized meditation in Washington DC, crime rates dropped 23.3% (Figures 2 & 3) [5].

Figure 2. Effects of the National Demonstration Project with Transcendental Meditation on 1993 HRA crime levels in Washington, DC. Dark solid line represents crime levels. Light solid line represents predicted values for crime levels based on time series model, reflecting effects of the coherence-creating meditation group. Dotted line represents crime levels predicted to occur in the absence of a coherence-creating meditation group. Shaded area represents the period of the Demonstration Project. Sourced from Hagelin et al. 1999 [5].

Figure 3. Percentage change in HRA crimes (solid line) in relation to the size of the coherence-creating group (dotted line) over the 8 weeks of the Transcendental Meditation Demonstration Project. Sourced from Hagelin et al. 1999 [5].

Dr. Roger Nelson of Princeton University, an expert on collective consciousness, has led the Global Consciousness Project for over 20 years to conduct research on how intention affects the physical reality [6]. The Global Consciousness Project emerged from PEAR Lab research on intention influencing the physical reality using random number generators, and Dr. Roger Nelson has shown that group coherence and emotional interconnectedness creates a measurable correlation in random number generator data. In fact, his random number generators could detect when mass consciousness was responding to emotionally-charged global events, such as the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 (Figure 4) [6]. Dr. Nelson states that everything is interconnected and entangled at the quantum level and that information can be transmitted non-locally over time via morphic resonance based on the principle of similarity; both of these quantum-based mechanisms create greater intensity during global meditations to positively impact the physical reality [6]. We all have the inherent ability to use the power of consciousness, as well as psychic abilities, to manifest in the physical reality; everything is already here, and we just have to gain awareness of how to interact with the quantum field. Dr. Nelson states that humanity can use powers of consciousness for self-directed evolution to reach to full potentiality and well-being [6].

Figure 4. Random number generator variance deviation on September 11, 2001 indicates that emotional coherence of the collective consciousness in response to the global event creates measurable change in the physical reality. Figure sourced from: [6].

Philosopher Jose Arguelles is also leading a research effort, called the Noosphere II Research Project, to investigate the global telepathic network [7]. Jose Arguelles advocates for a shift to a symbiotic and self-sustaining way of being, using nature as an example. He states that consciousness has the potential as a unified, synchronized force to change the world. We can create synchronization of collective mass of consciousness through global, mass meditations with intention focused on peace and healing [7]. This critical mass of consciousness can change the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) using our thoughts, feelings, attitudes, perceptions, and actions. Just as the Sun emits light that creates EMFs that influence our brain activity, this is a reversible process that we can consciously use to influence bioelectromagnetic fields, the quantum field, and the fundamental field of consciousness [7]. By interacting with the Noosphere, which Jose Arguelles calls the mental body or conscious mind of the Earth, we can undergo a a “spirit journey” phase transition from matter to mind and spirit [7]. The true nature of humanity can be characterized as unity consciousness, oneness, coherence, and spiritual unification. Jose Arguelles also enumerates the potential of human consciousness, which includes global telepathic communication, time synchronization, creating Earth as a work of art, transforming matter into life and supermind, structuring humanity as a symbiotic organism, and transitioning from the Age of the Intellect to the Age of the Mystic [7].

Figure 5. Noosphere Phase of Human Evolution. Sourced from:

Practices to Directly Evolve the Noosphere

Evolution of the Noosphere begins with evolving our own consciousness. You can cultivate your consciousness to positively influence the Noosphere with these mindful practices [4-6]:

  • Set your intention and meditate daily

  • Question everything

  • Seek contrast to gain awareness of how you think differently

  • Explore uncharted territory

  • Directly observe nature for intelligent insights

  • Trust your intuitive knowing

  • Learn through direct experience

  • Practice quantum creativity

  • Practice holographic, non-linear thinking

  • Be open to possibilities and new experiences

  • Reinterpret all functions, purposes, and meanings

  • Show discrimination and discretion when accepting information. Nature’s solutions are always simple and beautiful.

  • Take responsibility for your actions, thoughts, and psychic environment

  • Become comfortable with silence and self-reflection

  • Think, speak, and act in alignment with your values (integrity, respect, self-worth, etc.)

  • Decondition your past thoughts, beliefs, biases, etc.

  • Rewrite your personal story to a positive life narrative

  • Surrender and become a clear channel for higher spiritual energy

  • Meditate to evolve your nervous system to receive higher frequencies of cosmic consciousness

  • Be in the present moment and stay alert

  • Synchronize with others and join global meditations to create waves of consciousness


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