20 Holographic Creation Principles for the Quantum Crystalsphere

Updated: Aug 21

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20 Creation Principles for the Quantum Crystalsphere

1. Quantum Crystalsphere is the holographic mirror to show us what we have created.

2. Everything in the world is interconnected.

3. We must view ourselves as an integral part of the world instead of separate.

4. Once joined, things remain connected and entangled at the quantum level whether or not they are physically linked.

5. The act of focusing awareness and attention is an act of creation.

6. We already have all of the power to create anything that we choose.

7. The focus of your feeling becomes the reality of your world.

8. We cannot simply say or speak that we choose a new reality.

9. Feeling is the language that speaks to the Quantum Crystalsphere. Feel in your heart as if your prayer is already answered.

10. Feelings that create with the Quantum Crystalsphere must be without ego and judgement.

11. Maintain the feeling as if your desired outcome is already reality.

12. We are not bound by the laws of physics as we know them today.

13. In a holographic universe, every piece of the universe mirrors the whole universe.

14. The Quantum Crystalsphere is a universally connected hologram of consciousness that promises that the instant you create your good wishes and prayers, they are already at their destination and received.

15. Through the fractal, hologram of consciousness in the Quantum Crystalsphere, a little change in our inner world is mirrored everywhere in the outer world.

16. The minimum number of people required to catalyze a shift in consciousness is expressed as the square root of 1% of the worldwide population.

17. The Quantum Crystalsphere serves as a mirror in our world for the relationships that we create with our beliefs.

18. The root of negative experiences reduce to 3 universal fears: abandonment, low self-worth, and trust.

19. Our true beliefs are mirrored in our most intimate realtionships.

20. We must become in our lives the very things that we want to experience in our world.


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